What is Whitehole Finance?

Whitehole Finance offers a DeFi lending service with a range of rewards and penalties to raise the value of governance tokens.

Where does the interest actually come from?

The interest rate on the asset that the borrower is lending is where interest is earned from. To incentivize the usage of the protocol, additional governance token incentives are also given to lenders and borrowers.

Where are my GRV Rewards?

Vault provides access to all income produced by Whitehole Finance. The Dashboard also allows users to view interest rates and asset values for each item.

What is EcoScore?

It is a concept put out to determine how much each protocol participant contributes to the ecosystem. The quantity of veGRV locked via GRV lockup affects the user's EcoScore and VP. Users that make significant contributions can obtain up to 3x boost multiples and benefit from a variety of tax and fee benefits.

Is the GRV token a deflationary asset with a continually declining amount of circulation and emission?

Yes, it is accurate. The GRV Community Incentive Pool will hold all GRV taxes paid by protocol users, which will then be regularly burned. The GRV token itself also cuts back on its weekly reward output by 1%. Strong taxation and a weekly drop-in issuance inevitably result in a rise in GRV value.

What is the Withdrawal Fee?

This is the protocol fee charged for taking out deposited assets. The withdrawal Fee is transferred to the rebate pool and given to GRV participants each week. Users with a lot of veGRV holds who are closer to the greens are charged less according to a distinct pricing structure for each category of user.

What is the liquidation fee?

It is the amount subtracted from the borrower's collateral as a result of liquidation and is particularly significant to Whitehole Finance's financial stability. The amount will be transferred to the rebate pool and given each week to GRV stakers.

What is the Lending performance fee?

As a protocol operation fee, 10% of the loan-to-deposit margin (borrower interest rate) is allocated and collected. The rebate pool receives 50% of this, which is then allocated each week to each GRV staker.

Does GRV single staking not exist?

Other than locking up GRV to stop the inflation of the governance token, Whitehole does not run a separate governance staking pool. Nevertheless, GRV tokens are available as incentives for utilizing the lending pool (deposit & loan). With GRV lock-up, the reward can increase its interest rate up to 3.0x and get extra distributions from Whitehole Finance profits.

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