Supply,Borrow (NFT)

NFT lending pool uses the same pool as the Whitehole's Money market ETH pool.

Supply (NFT)

  1. Go to the β€œNFT Market β†’ Market List” tab

  1. Click 'Deposit NFT & Borrow' on the NFT collection you wish to borrow. Of course, you have to have NFTs.

  1. Now you can see your NFTs. They are separated by collection. Click on an NFT and enter the amount you want to borrow, which is determined by the Floor Price. Once you click, the NFT will be deposited and the loan will be executed.

  2. If you want to check the status of NFT loans, go to NFT Market - Dashboard.

  1. Clicking on "View Details" will take you to the loan status list page, and clicking on "Manage Loan" will allow you to view the loan status. You will be able to see if your beautiful NFTs has been loaned out.

5-1. With Borrow More, you can borrow more from each NFT loan.

5-2 Use Repay to pay off NFT loans. If you want to pay off a portion, use Repay. If you want to end the NFT loan and retrieve your NFT, click Repay All. Remember, if your Health Factor reaches 100% (NFT Floor Price < Liquidation Price), your NFT will be subject to liquidation and may be auctioned off by other users. So always manage your H.F carefully

5-3. When the loan ends, the NFT will be returned to your wallet. Want to check your NFT? Go to the "NFT Market β†’ Market List" tab and click "Deposit NFT & Borrow" in each collection to view it.

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