Vault is a dashboard that uses utilities related to $GRV.

You can check your earnings from Whitehole Finance. You can also check your Ecoscore and increase it by obtaining veGRV through $GRV lockup. Increasing your Ecoscore will increase your Max APR% and tax benefits.


You can check the $GRV obtained through the liquidity supply of NFT and Crypto.

  • Unclaimed GRV: $GRV that has not been claimed yet.

  • Claimed GRV: $GRV that has been claimed, and the ratio of this amount and veGRV balance determines one's Ecoscore.

When you claim, your Ecoscore decreases. The decreased Ecoscore moves your Zone to Red, reducing benefits such as APR boost and tax benefits.

Claim Tax: Tax deducted at the time of claim. Increasing Ecoscore reduces tax.

Price Protection Tax: Tax incurred when the $GRV price drops below a certain level. Increasing Ecoscore reduces tax.

Taxes improve the sustainability of the protocol.

  • Revenue from NFT farming is included in ETH farming revenue.

Compound :

You can directly lock up unclaimed $GRV through Compound. This gives you a much more favorable tax benefit than claiming it and then locking it up. You can see your APR increase through Compound. When you compound, it will automatically be added to your existing lock period.

If you don't already have a lock, you can choose a period to lock up.

Ecoscore :

This shows your Ecosocre. The closer you are to Green, the more you will receive a boosted APR and tax benefits.

Zone: There are 5 zones of Ecoscore: Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, and Green. You can increase your Ecoscore by locking up $GRV or compounding the $GRV you earn. GRV Vault :

This is the section where you can lock $GRV. You can see the locked $GRV and the duration. When you lock $GRV, it is converted to veGRV, which increases proportionally to the duration.

The proportions of your veGRV determine your Ecoscore.

veGRV :

veGRV- Rebates is the distribution of the protocol's revenue to $GRV stakers.

$GRV → Lock → veGRV (Staking)

Your voting power is increased by the amount of your veGRV out of the total veGRV. And you will receive Rebates (Protocol Fees Sharing) based on that percentage.

Note: Rebates are not accumulated in real-time. Your earnings will be updated once a week. You can claim them at that time.

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