GRV Vault

What is Vault?

A vault to lock GRV coins in and get veGRV to take part in ecosystem governance activities. The GRV tokens may be locked using "Lock GRV" for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 2 years, and in proportion to the quantity of veGRV gained, it acts as a dashboard where you can quickly observe the gains, benefits, and penalties produced by different parts of the ecosystem.

Users may quickly lock up the reward GRV without claiming it and collect and view the whole revenue status here. They can also receive the earned GRV all at once.

Users benefit from tax savings in situations where locking up (Compound) is required immediately. Additionally, you may find out how much the rebate will be distributed. The protocol revenue includes the weekly distribution of rebate assets.

The vault acts as the ecosystem's primary entry point and a crucial dashboard as a result.

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