What is Rebate?

Weekly distribution of assets from Whitehole Finance's Real Yield.

To holders of veGRV, 50% of the protocol's earnings will be allocated.

The following are some of the sources of income: Withdrawal fees associated with taking out deposited assets; Liquidation Penalties; Lending Performance Fees, and protocol operation fees.

Items for asset configuration rebates

  • Withdrawal Tax

  • Liquidation penalty

  • Lending performance fee

The user receives a weekly payout of dividend virtual assets (such as BTC, ETH...) equal to the governance stake after locking up the governance token (VP).

Assets from rebates can be claimed in the vault as a rebate and added to the user's supply balance rather than being transferred to a personal wallet.

Because users may utilize this service to gain instant compounding on their increasing assets, rebate revenue is added to the supply balance. You must take out your deposited assets to Withdraw in order to receive the entire rebate proceeds.

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