Basic strategy : supply

Supply only safely (Low Risk)

Your virtual assets can be deposited for secure returns. Supplying the assets you wish to deposit in the market, is achievable. You instantly receive gTokens in your wallet upon a deposit. Your stake in the lending pool is represented by this token (market). GRV awards are given out over time as deposit interest in addition to the interest on the coin itself.

Users that choose a supply-only strategy will thus benefit from the following while looking to make money passively.

  • Benefit from growing prices for virtual assets

  • Deposit interest

  • The GRV Rewards (can be amplified with boosts)

The above method allows users to benefit reasonably safely and conveniently without IL (impermanent loss).

Additionally, by locking up the acquired GRV, you may grow your interest in your protocol and have access to a number of other benefits.

The following benefits can be attained with GRV's lock-up.

  • Farming APR boost

  • Protocol revenue rebate

  • Various tax benefits

Users who wish to make large profits must acquire a high tiers and VP (stake) through GRV lock-up since all benefits begin with GRV lock-up. Additional benefits are being prepared in several sectors in addition to the ones that are already provided.

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