In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of using Whitehole Finance


  1. Go to the “Money Market → Market List” tab

  2. Click on the pool you want to provide.

  1. Supply assets as you want.

How to view my supplied assets?

-> Go to the "Money Market → Dashboard" tab.


  1. Go to the “Money Market → Dashboard” tab Before taking out a loan, you must turn on the Collateral toggle.

  1. Now you can borrow against your assets. You can borrow up to the ‘Borrowable Amount.’


  1. Go to the “Money Market → Dashboard” tab.

    Click on the asset that is currently on loan.

  2. Enter the desired amount of assets for repay from borrow amount. If you want to close the loan, repay all the borrowed amount.


  1. Once you've paid off your borrowed amount, you can withdraw your assets.

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